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    Dr.Purvi Bhagat

    Hello all,
    Regarding the group discussion on themes / topics selected, I had a suggestion…
    Instead of taking up complete topics for presentations during aioc/gsi, how if we take up topics and its subtopics on google group ?

    Hw will it work ?
    One thread for a subtopic is released every month on google group
    .. inputs r invited frm the group, Preferred practices are asked for, comments on others inputs etc.
    In physical meet then, we present the compiled inputs/ summary of the discussion.. further inputs may b asked for, frm those present

    Advantages :
    1. More contributions and inputs on virtual platform ( attendees in physical meets may not always b adequate, as we witnessed in Coimbatore )
    2. We cn avoid spending time on covering large topics in limited time with a further limited time fr discussion. Use time more constructively.
    3. Multiple small subtopics of a major topic may b covered during the period btwn 2 conferences.
    4. Even if not physically present fr the IPGI meet, everyone ( a defined Paediatric glaucoma group ) cn hav an opportunity to participate/ contribute
    5. It wll kp the momentum of the IPGI group on.. not just when aioc/gsi comes.

    Idea open to suggestions !!!


    Dr.Purvi Bhagat

    Further to my previous post, I may suggest an example :

    Main thread on google group : Steroid induced Glaucoma

    Subthreads per month or two months can be :
    1. Incidence in your practice
    2. Developing and maintaining a national registry : Your ideas amd inputs
    3. How do you manage ?
    4. Would you consider SLT as an option ? Pros and Cons
    5. When would you operate and what is your surgery of choice in these pts?
    6. Which steroid would you use post operatively ? What is your follow up protocol ?
    7. Strategies to prevent blindness from SIG

    Summary of each thread presented and discussed in physical meet.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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