15th Sep 5-7 pm, Hall B

Glaucoma Society of INDIA meeting, Jaipur

1. Setting a Uniform System of Examining Children for Glaucoma

Chairperson: DrViney      Moderator: Dr Sushmita      Convener: DrSirisha

  1. Welcome address and basis of the Group:                              Prof Viney Gupta5 min
  2. Is there uniform practice for EUA? What do we do in common? Prof Sushmita10 min

Points to be discussed

  1. What are the minimum requirementsfor EUA in children?
    • For childhood Glaucoma
    • For pediatric Cataract
  2. What drug is used? Where? (Clinic Setting or OR?)
  3. How often?
    • For Glaucoma?
    • For Cataract?
  4. What parameters at each visit?
  1. What do we do differently? (8 min each)
a. Perspectives and limitations from Eye Institutes
i. SN practice: DrShantha
ii. Aravind practice: Dr Manju
iii. LVPEI practice: DrSirisha
iv. RPC practice: Dr Vinay Gupta
v. PGI practice: Dr Sushmita
vi. RIO Sitapur: DrMadhuBhadauria
vii. Shroffs Eye Hospital: DrSuneeta Dubey
b. Perspectives from individual practices: DrAnkur Sinha
c. Perspectives from the corporate world
Narayana Nethralaya practice: DrSushmaTejwani

2. CGRN Guidelines for Uniform terminology of Childhood Glaucoma
Interactive discussion with inputs and suggestions