Childhood glaucoma or pediatric glaucoma is a disease of profound morbidity. The children often present with intractable glaucoma and travel across the country to find a glaucoma specialist, who understands the disease and dares to take up the challenge to give a chance to the child to see the world.

The website is intended to disseminate the information to professionals and parents of children suffering from childhood glaucoma.As a small contribution to fight against the huge burden and morbidity of disease, a group of glaucoma specialists who deal with pediatric glaucoma, decided to come together and form a bonding, which helps these children.

All the members of the group are well-trained glaucoma specialists, having training from the topmost institutes of the country and/or abroad.
All of them do take care of adult glaucoma, but have special interest in the pediatric glaucoma.

Many of the childhood glaucoma patients undergo surgery, even in the absence of surgery; they often need repeated Examination under anesthesia and close monitoring. At times the children and parents need to travel hundreds of kilometers to get an examination under anesthesia. With formation of this group, the patients can come to know the nearest possible place to get evaluation done.