Abstract Submission Closes on 13/10/2019

Abstract Submission Guidelines for the Annual Conference of the IPGS

Abstract will be accepted in any aspect of the diagnosis, management or follow up of any type of childhood glaucoma in the Free Papers,Physical or E-Posters or Challenging cases.

General Guidelines

1. Each member can submit a total of 4 abstracts as presenting author, and there is no capping to participate as a co-author.

2. Abstracts are to be submitted online only.No abstracts shall be accepted as an email, Fax, Hard copies etc.

3. All abstracts shall undergo an evaluation process involving independent evaluators.

4. The first 10 ranked Abstracts shall be considered as oral paper presentations. All other abstracts shall be considered as physical posters and E posters provided they fulfil the requirements listed.

5. Based on the evaluation, a member can present a MAXIMUM OF 2 FREE PAPERS.

6. ANY ONE author SHOULD be a member of IPGS. Each author must have contributed to the scientific part of the Free papers being submitted.

7. The Abstract portal will open up once in the email of the IPGS member is entered.

8. All free paper awards are given to the presenting author only.

9. Free paper duration is 6 minutes with 2 minutes for questions from the judges.

10. A free paper/poster can have one presenting author and upto 5 co-authors.(6 authors in total)

11. Insititution/hospital affiliation and doctor’s name in the title or abstract should not be mentioned and will lead to automatic rejection.

Free Paper or Poster

The “Free Paper or Poster” option provides the author with optimum opportunity to present his or her work. If this option is selected ,the abstract will be considered, first as a paper, and if not accepted, it will be evaluated as a physical poster or E-poster.

However, if the “only Paper” is selected, and the abstract is not accepted as a paper, it will not be considered as a Poster.

Challenging cases

Abstracts for clinical challenges(diagnostic or therapeutic)will be accepted.


1. The Best paper, Best Poster and Best Clinical challenge will be recognised by the IPGS scientific committee.

2. Awards will be given for work done in India.

Abstract Guidelines

Abstract Title

The title of the course SHOULD NOT exceed 100 characters(including spaces).


The Synopsis SHOULD NOT exceed 2500 characters(including spaces).


  • Free paper/poster:
    • It should be a structure abstract with the following sections: Background;Methods;Results;Conclusion.
  • challenging Cases
    • May be unstructured should have the following salient features of Novelty or Challenge;Description of the Case;Management or Diagnostic Challenge.

Add Presenting Author

Atleast one presenting author should be added. The cheif author himself/herself can be the presenting author.

Add co-authors

A maximum of five co-authors can be added. If there are no co-authors, add the cheif /presenting author itself as a co-author.


The Scientific committee shall issue a certificate of presentation to all the authors of the free paper/poster which was presented at the conference.